Religious Education & Anti-Bullying Programs

Holocaust survivor stories like Irene Butter's are ideal for anti-bullying programs, religious education, and youth leadership that inspires students to overcome trauma and speak up for justice.

Irene’s thoughtful treatment of themes like persecution, forgiveness, and hope helps students find strength, practice tolerance, and stand up for their own beliefs.

Holocaust Museums & Education Programs

Holocaust survivor stories - Irene Butter was the same age as Anne Frank and was hidden on the same Amsterdam street as Anne before being sent to the Bergen Belsen concentration camp.

The film shares challenging content without overwhelming students. Viewers are moved by her poignant encounter with Anne Frank and her message that one person can make a difference.

Grades 6-12 Writing & World History

holocaust-survivor stories - irene-Butter gets a big hug from a student after sharing her choice to reframe her trauma and find joy in life.

The 31-minute DVD helps students grasp hard historical realities. The Study Guide has a glossary, discussion questions, lesson ideas, writing guidelines and more.

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