Libraries and Holocaust Museums

Holocaust survivor Irene Butter answers questions after a screening of the movie.

Holocaust survivor Irene Butter answers questions after a screening of the movie.

Many libraries have shown Never a Bystander to appreciative audiences on Holocaust Remembrance Day. If you represent a library or museum that would like to preview the film, please contact the filmmaker.

We have also made arrangements for libraries to purchase the streaming rights to the film, making it available to all members via their catalog. If your library or museum would like to purchase the streaming rights, please contact us for further information.

In some cases, Irene Butter and filmmaker Evelyn Neuhaus can attend Q-and-A sessions immediately following screenings of the film.

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Dr. Jamie L. Wraight, Director The Voice/ Vision Holocaust Survivor Archive

"Irene Butter’s story and her message of turning fear into hope is inspiringly told in Evelyn Neuhaus’ documentary, Never a Bystander.

The film and study guide should be considered an essential part of any effort aimed at teaching tolerance, understanding and forgiveness. I am very truly and deeply honored to have been part of such a wonderful project."


Sara Wedell, Production Librarian Ann Arbor District Library

"Our audience was so clearly touched by Irene's story and her continuing determination to have a positive impact on the world and on those around her. This film is a well-crafted and uplifting look at the purposeful life of a very inspiring woman."

Irene Butter, Subject of the Film

"It's natural as a Holocaust survivor to think of yourself as a victim, having gone through all of that. And it's also a powerless position to be in. Because if you are a victim, then other people did things to you and you can't change it, you carry that for the rest of your life, and the world owes you.

Turning it around to being a survivor is a much more powerful way of thinking about yourself."


Special Jury Award

Honorable Mention, San Diego Jewish Film Festival 25th Anniversary (2015)