Synagogues and Churches

Never a Bystander is not only for audiences in schools, universities, museums and libraries, but also for synagogues, and churches. Its message goes well beyond the Holocaust, touching on existential themes and moral dilemmas that engage sincere people of all faith traditions.

Irene Butter's story, her connection to Anne Frank, and the lessons she has drawn from her Holocaust experience demonstrate how we can make empowered choices no matter what traumas we have experienced. Groups concerned with humanitarian values, from age 11 to senior citizens, appreciate the inspiration and empowerment in the film.

"Never a Bystander is the inspiring documentary about Irene Butter, a child survivor of the Shoah. Despite Irene's traumatic childhood, she has been able to live a life of joy, lovingkindness and compassion. The film has inspired viewers, particularly young people, to see that no matter what challenges they face, it is possible to know love, find strength, and make a real difference in the world .”

— Rabbi Rob Dubrosin

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Irene Butter, Holocaust Survivor

"It's natural as a Holocaust survivor to think of yourself as a victim. And it's also a powerless position to be in. Because if you are a victim, then other people did things to you and you can't change it, you carry that for the rest of your life, and the world owes you.

Turning it around to being a survivor is a much more powerful way of thinking about yourself."

— Irene Butter, Holocaust survivor

Special Jury Award

Honorable Mention, San Diego Jewish Film Festival 25th Anniversary (2015)